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Once a cop, always a cop: If It's Monday, It Must be Murder is an addicting whodunit
If It's Monday, It Must be Murder
By Kathleen S. Allen
Gypsy Shadow Publishing, 2011
Ebook, 142 pages
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Mel Thompson is a former cop. She was forced to retire after being shot in the back during an investigation. Monday comes to her with news that her best friend's daughter, Jessie, has been found dead. Some are calling it a suicide – that Jessie leapt to her death from a tower – but Mel’s cop instincts say otherwise. Something tells her that Jessie may have been murdered, and the girl’s mother, Cindy, enlists Mel’s help to solve this mystery. Mel may no longer be a cop, but she is working as a private investigator, and now she has her very first case: Investigate the death of her best friend’s daughter.

When I started reading If It's Monday, It Must be Murder by Kathleen S. Allen, I had a suspicion I was in for quite a good murder mystery. This book did not disappoint me. In fact, even as Mel keeps being told by her cop boyfriend, Byron, to leave the investigation to the police and even as Mel is painfully limping from one destination to the next, this story surprised me with just how determined a former cop is in solving a case.

This story has everything a good mystery should have: A suspicious murder, questionable alibis, a good cast of suspects and one surprise right after another unfolding for the reader. Mel follows one lead and ends up getting a clue leading her to the next. It is as though she is following the broken lines of a map that guides her towards the shocking, unpredictable ending that readers won’t see coming for a million tears.

I ended up getting very caught up in the lives of these characters. I sympathized with Cindy’s anger and pain. After all, I’d probably feel the same way if this was my own daughter. I applauded Mel in her determination to stay on a case other cops were telling her to back off from, as well as her insistence on being independent and not tied down to anyone. She’s strong, she’s smart and she won’t take any bullying from anyone. In fact, as I read this story through Mel’s point-of-view, I even subconsciously adopted her tough-cop persona. When Mel goes to pick up Cindy to interrogate Barre, for example, it's AJ (Cindy’s ex-husband) who shows up instead. Mel had asked for a gun from him, and after he pulls out a Glock, he says, "This one is all mine." When I read that, I took in a deep breath and thought: Oh, no. Ohh, no. Crazy, revenge-seeking, gun-toting civilian on board. Abort! Abort! I was relieved that Mel actually warned him NOT to go on the warpath with his gun by saying, "Just don't use that thing unless we are up against a wall and someone is aiming to shoot at us, okay?"

This novel was hard for me to put down. I started reading it every chance I had, frantically reading through the pages wanting to know more. Each new chapter brought a surprising twist and some new clue, and it was hard to stop reading this novel until I got to the very end. Allen does such a good job bringing her characters to life, right down to the type of pain meds that Mel has to take, and she crafted such an interesting and suspenseful story that left me hooked from start to finish. I enjoyed reading this novel and wanted to read more about these characters even after the story was finished.

Anyone who enjoys a good murder mystery will love reading If It's Monday, It Must Be Murder. The story leaves a lasting impression of thrills and chills, tempting readers to read more of this story for just a little bit longer.

Five stars.

Disclaimer: The reviewer received a complimentary copy of this ebook.


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