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Yo-ho-ho and a bottle of blood-rum: Blood Curse is a tale of one very dark vampirate

Blood Curse: Book One in the Waves of Darkness series
by Tamara A. Lowery
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Ebook, 295 pages

“Note to self: Don’t read Blood Curse before going to bed.”

These are words I actually muttered to myself one evening, wide awake in bed after I finished reading a chapter of Blood Curse, Book One in the Waves of Darkness series by Tamara A. Lowery. Believe me, it’s good advice to follow. I was too terrified to sleep, fearful that the siren with her razor-sharp teeth would haunt my dreams or that a bloodthirsty vampire pirate would claim me as his next victim.

But that’s a good thing. This novel is meant to provide such scares. It is not for the faint of heart or anyone with a weak stomach (eyeballs to munch on, anyone?). It is meant to rock you, shock you, then pick you up and bite you in the neck!

That’s right, there’s a vampire in this novel – in addition to the sexy but deadly siren who likes to say to humans, “I could just eat you up” and mean it!

The vampire in this story is Viktor Brandewyne, A.K.A. Vik Brandee. Vik was a pirate before he became a vampire. A true pirate to the core. He is evil, ruthless, cunning and manipulative. In fact, you’re not even supposed to like him because he is such a scoundrel. But you are supposed to take interest after a curse is placed on Vik after he murders a local who was a favorite son of a local Voodoo witch. The witch turns Viktor into a vampire – the kind who is impervious to religious items, holy water and can walk around during the day. After he is turned into a vampire, Vik becomes even more bloodthirsty than before, delighting in his unworldly advantages over prey such as superior strength, mind control and speed.

But Vik is not able to spend all of eternity reveling in this type of thing that adds to his evilness; a witch who raised Vik as if he were her son informs him that the curse will eventually kill him – that is, unless he finds the Seven Sisters (sister witches) who will each give him one thing the mother witch needs to cure him of this curse. He must set out to find the Sisters with the help of an amulet that acts as a key to guide him and a bogeyman-type of old geezer named Uncle Zeke, who comes and goes on what is known as Hell’s Breath island to guide Viktor along the way.

This novel was an interesting introduction to what is fast becoming a popular subgenre in fiction known as “vampire pirates,” also known as "vampirates." It was interesting, even frightening, to see what would happen when two of the most evil types of creatures on earth, one real and one imagined, were combined as one. It was a scary read, to be sure, and even a little uncomfortable as a lot of it was dark, but I could hardly stop reading this novel because I wanted to know what happened in the end. I also wanted to know if the siren, Belladonna, would finally lash out at Vik and screech at him, “IF YOU CALL ME LITTLE FISH ONE. MORE. TIME!!!” (Though she did get on his case about him constantly calling her “pet,” something I appreciated.) I also found humor in Belladonna often saying, “I’m a siren. Don’t you read?” The humor in this novel; is mostly the ribbing between men but there are moments I enjoyed, as well. For example, when one pirate says to Vik,”I thought you were dead,” Vik responds to this by saying, “I got better.”

Blood Curse is an unforgettable novel filled with adventure, terror and excitement. Fans of pirate literature will love it, fans of vampire stories will appreciate it and any other average reader who can withstand horror will enjoy it. It’s a novel of thrills, chills and, of course, fangs hungry for the drinking.

Five stars.

Tags: curse, horror, pirates, vampire

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