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If it Walks Like a Ghost: Jason and the Friendly Ghost is a Sweet Ghost Story for Children

Jason and the Friendly Ghost
Book Two of The Adventures of Jason Foster
By Violetta Antcliff
Gypsy Shadow Publishing
Ebook, 71 pages

What are ghosts supposed to look like? And how is it possible to shake hands with a ghost?

These are questions which Jason Foster has some time after he makes a new friend: Tommy Wilson. Tommy looks like an average boy. He talks like an average boy. He even acts like one. But something is strange about his new friend. Jason wonders how it’s possible his friend has a way of showing up right behind him without making a sound. Or how he can suddenly “disappear” from sight without making any noise or being seen as he walks away.

Jason gets the idea that maybe his new friend is not an average boy, but a ghost. He shares this possibility with his pal Wayne. Wayne doesn't buy it because, he says, "ghosts wear sheets over their heads and go around haunting houses." Still, Jason thinks this could very well explain the mystery surrounding his new friend, and he thinks he knows why he and Wayne are the only ones who can see Tommy: He needs their help. This sets the boys on a mission to learn about Bertram Terrace, a building which once stood where a supermarket now exists, and which Tommy claims to live in. Bertram Terrace was bombed in what everyone refers to as “the phoney war,” and Jason has a hunch that learning more details about this war that took place in 1940 will help him solve the mystery and help Tommy.

Jason and the Friendly Ghost by Violetta Antcliff is such a joy to read and a story you won’t soon forget. I came across this ebook one day while browsing through the site of Gypsy Shadow Publishing and checking out their latest titles. After I saw “ghost” in the title and read what the ebook was about, I immediately bought a copy. I enjoy reading these kinds of stories, and even though this is a story for children, it is one I enjoyed reading, as well.

I enjoyed reading this story because it’s such a delightful tale of how two boys accept the existence of a ghost and, instead of being afraid, they take positive action to help the ghost. It’s a pleasant way of how children can understand ghosts and it crushes the myth that ghosts “have sheets over their heads.” Not all ghosts are scary or something to be frightened of. And, in fact, some ghosts even need help, which this story meant for young readers reminds them of. The colorful characters in this story added to my pleasant reading experience. Wayne’s neighbor, Mrs. Pomfrit, who knows all about “the phoney war” and holds her teacup with “crooked little fingers sticking out” as she gossips with Wayne’s mother and shares stories. The Reverend Bickerstaff, who repeats what he says and, like Tommy, has a way of startling the boys by appearing right behind them without making any sound. The new teacher at Jason's school, Mr. Cox, who demands of Jason "when did your hair last see a comb?" and walks with a bounce "like a rubber ball" because he is so fat.

Jason and the Friendly Ghost is a story readers of any age would be able to enjoy. The writing is clever, even humorous at times, and the characters come to life on the screen as the mystery unfolds. If you ever want a good PG-rated ghost story to share as a family, one ebook to consider is Jason and the Friendly Ghost. You won’t be disappointed.

Five stars.
Tags: children, children's books, ghosts, history, kids, paranormal

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