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Remembering Mr. Aggie: Jack Stories is a devoted widow’s tribute to a wonderful man
Jack Stories: Favorite Memories of Jack Jordan Ammann Jr.
Compiled and Edited by Lillie Ammann
Self-pubbed, 2013
Ebook, 104 ppg.
Lillie’s blog

Because this is Read an E-Book Week, some authors are providing their ebooks at a deep discount or as free downloads. I knew about this ebook, Jack Stories, for some time, and it had been on my wish list since. So I was thrilled when the author, Lillian Ammann, offered this book as a free download in honor of REBW.

I have had the good fortune of communicating with Lillie personally and have been a longtime reader of her blog. I always enjoyed reading posts about her and her beloved husband, Jack. As the situation grew bleak as far as Jack’s health went, I came to each post with a sense of nervousness and dread. Even though I have never met these two people in real life, I’d grown to adore them through the blog posts, so I was saddened to learn that Jack’s health had taken a turn for the worse. Then the sad day came when Lillie announced that Jack had gone home to God. Shortly thereafter, she put together a collection of stories her Jack often told, as well as fond memories shared by family and friends during his memorial services. There are also the blog posts which Lillie wrote – a joy to read again.

Reading the stories and memories written by Jack’s friends and family was also a joy. The stories talked about Jack’s love of Texas A&M and the Aggies, how he loved driving fast and racing cars, how he always did every job to the best of his abilities and how he had such a helpful and compassionate nature. There were the stories of how Jack helped someone, his unwavering sense of humor and the jokes he liked to tell. He was such a devoted husband to Lillie and a caring friend to all who knew him. The stories made me smile, laugh and cry. Never again will I read “hi, Jack” without remembering how Mr. Lillian joked, “Don’t say that at an airport!” There were also his favorite sayings in this ebook, as well as Jack’s final goodbye to his sweetheart, his soul mate, Lillie.

It was such a wonderful ebook to read. I loved reading all of those stories and I am so grateful to Lillie for putting them together into an ebook. I am especially grateful that she made this ebook a free download for Read an E-Book Week. This was such a treasured ebook to read and I enjoyed reading it to the very last word. It brought a smile to my face and such joy to my heart. Rest in peace, Jack. Thank you for being such the wonderful person that you were.

Five stars.